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Eyebrow Makeup Tips

April 25, 2013 by eyebrow | Filed under Eyebrows Makeup.

Eyebrow Makeup :  Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Makeup tips, Eyebrow Makeup, Tips Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Again ! The most important point in eyebrow makeup is based on your eyebrow shape. Your eyebrow makeup play a vital point in your facial beauty. Your eyebrows frame your entire face, which is why their shape is vital part to the way you look.

If your eyebrow shape is not good, you cannot implement a perfect makeup trick.  However, if you know how to properly make your perfect eyebrows, You can get  your features more defined and of course, making you look more striking overall. You would be shaping them in a way that enhances your face.

So, consider an eyebrow makeup tips and try always to get perfectly natural eyebrow makeup in first step because natural eyebrow is best idea , which can suit your personality and your skin.

Here are some natural eyebrow makeup tips that you can easily learn and follow:

Eyebrow Makeup Tips : Get Natural Eyebrow Makeup

Makeup tips, Eyebrow Makeup, Tips Eyebrow Makeup

Natural Eyebrow Makeup Tips

Okay. If you are looking for natural eyebrow makeup tips and how to shape your eyebrows, let’s start with tools and products . The tools and products you will need are eyebrow pencil, eyebrow brush, shimmering eyebrow or eye shadow and a mascara.

Brush with angled shaped head, a pencil that is hard with the similar shade as your powder and mascara that is one shade darker than powder to get the best results in eyebrows makeup. So, rely on your pencil or powder.

Next, think about this points. Makeup artist and eyebrow stylish posted a beauty poll to find out natural eyebrows habits, and we learned that natural eyebrow makeup must have four different shades :

1. Darkest color on the hair tip

2. Darker color along the centerline

3. Dark color in the mid section

4. Light color at the front and end


Your eyebrow hairs have three portions:  Lower portion growing upward, upper hairs growing downward and one parts again .(Check picture) .

Makeup tips, Eyebrow Makeup, Tips Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrows Hair

Step 1 : Apply powder to the lower portion from the front to 3/4 of the entire eyebrow length and starting at 1/4 from the front to the very end of your eyebrow.

Step 2 : Use eyebrow pencil to draw a curve from the 1/2 of the center line to the end

Step 3 : Use the brush to blend the pencil mark and use mascara to the tip of your eyebrow hairs



If you wish to have a natural and sophisticated look for your eyebrows, most of the tips  online do not work for you. So why not try our ebook ? Perfect eyebrows guide ebook will help you to get perfect eyebrow makeup.


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